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20th-Apr-2011 11:32 pm - #16
gossip girl; blair; pretty in green
[20] Amanda Tanen (Ugly Betty) for character20n20 

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20th-Apr-2011 12:48 pm - #15
gossip girl; dan/blair; a day at the pol
 The time has come again to post my icons for various 20in20 communities.

[20] Gossip Girl, Dan and Blair for couples20in20
[20] Penelope for movie20in20
[20] Florence + the Machine (Florence Welch) for musicians20in20 

24th-Mar-2011 02:59 am - #14
atonement; robbie; smoking
Here's some icons I made for a couple 20in20 communities.
[30] Alias, Sydney and Vaughn for couples20in20
[20] An Education for movie20in20
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8th-Mar-2011 10:11 pm - Credits
atonement; robbie; smoking
 Here is a new list of all my credits for the resources I've used on my icons.  Since I changed my lj account, I decided to update this community with a credit post using my new lj account.

It will be edited/added to frequently as I acquire and use new resources.

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8th-Mar-2011 09:36 pm - #13
the lion king; simba; tragedy
 This is my first time making icons of an animated film, so I'm still figuring it out.  But I was on a Disney kick and decided to icon one of my fave Disney films, The Lion King.  So here goes.

[90] The Lion King

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7th-Mar-2011 11:02 am - #12
atonement; robbie; smoking
It's definitely been awhile since I've posted icons, let alone actually made them.  To get myself back into making icons, I decided to join a few 20-in-20 communities.  The following icons were made for musicians20in20.  My subject is Mandy Moore.

[20] Mandy Moore; for musicians20in20.

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