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graphics by propiavoz

lovesoalike: graphics by propiavoz
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thank you for stopping by the graphics journal of propiavoz. please take a look around, but be sure to read the rules before taking any of my art. enjoy! and remember to friend this community for updates!


please comment if you take any of my icons/artwork.

i require credit for all of my art. i take pride in [most] of what i post and spend quite a bit of time making art, so naturally i want and deserve credit. you can credit either propiavoz or lovesoalike.

i love it when my artwork is used, but if you are going to take anything, absolutely DO NOT hotlink. it drains my bandwidth and it's just not nice, plain and simple.

please do not alter anything unless i grant you special permission. i have never made bases and probably never will, but if i decide to make them, they will be clearly marked and obviously they can be altered. but otherwise, textless/plain icons are not bases. i just happen to like simple icons.

that's all for now on that front.



if you would like to be affiliates, comment on the affiliates post in my journal and i'll add you. :)


alias; er; friday night lights; friends; general hospital; gilmore girls; gossip girl; harry potter; one tree hill; pushing daisies
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